The E-Books was prepared within the project. Teachers from both partner institutions and practitioners from both border regions participated in the preparation of the materials. Materials in the field of Civil Engineering were prepared by teachers of content subjects at both partner universities. Their topics were selected and consulted in cooperation with practitioners. The topics were chosen to meet the needs of practice and to cover the widest possible range, from the basics and theory to specific issues, there are also topics with interdisciplinary overlap. Moreover, each of the topics is divided into sub-chapters so that it is possible to study the module as a whole or to choose only some chapters to study.

The materials have been prepared in three languages. Each topic prepared by content teachers was subsequently processed by linguistic experts in order to comply with the principles of the CLIL method and to acquire not only professional but also language skills. Currently, knowledge of a foreign language appears to be crucial for finding a suitable job. This publication can thus serve not only for content teachers and university students, but also for graduates and employers and employees of companies operating in the above-mentioned disciplines both in and outside the cross-border region, which represents its considerable added value.