E-learning Modules

As part of the INTERREG project “The use of CLIL as a teaching strategy in higher education: methodological concept for the effective support of technical key competences with the help of foreign languages”, suitable teaching and learning materials were created which can be used at Austrian and Czech universities in the border region.

In cooperation between the Institute for Technology and Economics in České Budějovice and the University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria, surveys were carried out in the border region in order to be able to adapt the materials to the needs of the economy.

Due to the requirements of the companies operating in the region, the teaching and learning materials were created according to the principles of the CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning). To this end, content and language teachers from both institutions, together with strategic partners and experts from practice and business, have developed didactic materials for the basic technical disciplines.

The didactic materials developed included the following topics:

The teaching and learning materials were produced in two forms, firstly as e-learning materials, which can be found on the project website, and secondly in printed text form, which are made available offline. Each discipline is divided into twelve modules to be taught using the CLIL method. The topics contained were selected and implemented in cooperation with experts from industry and the content and subject teachers of both universities.

The respective modules were then prepared by language teachers in such a way that they correspond to the principles of the CLIL method, i.e. content and language can be used simultaneously. The chapters are also divided into shorter sections so that they can be easily learned, edited or combined.

The learning and teaching materials were prepared in three languages (Czech, German and English) to reflect the lack of practical language and technical knowledge in the region and to fill the gaps. The materials are therefore suitable not only for teaching at technical universities in the Czech Republic and Austria, but also for companies in cross-border areas that want to improve the qualifications of their employees.