The technical modules presented on this website are the main project output. They have been created for the project target groups, i.e. as a didactic material for the students and teachers of technical universities, as well as for the graduates of technical universities and employees of small and medium-sized enterprises in the cross-border region. The first version of the modules was created in cooperation with experts from practice and teachers of both partner universities. The individual modules were presented and discussed at workshops, conferences and mainly during the pilot project. Based on the feedback obtained from their potential users and experts from practice were finalized and prepared for free used by the target groups mentioned above and the wide public via the website created for this purpose.

Within the framework of the events organized and attended within the project implementation, that is, two workshops, international conferences, pilot project, and questionnaire surveys implemented at both partner universities, it turned out that it will be useful to create also a theoretical teaching material for the content teachers. The project team thus decided to create a specific module that would serve to this purpose, containing also the findings obtained during the international experience exchange that took place within the project activities, and the specifics of teaching technical subjects.

Field didactics cover also the area of relations between the individual technical and didactic subjects, the relations between the individual disciplines, and shall also consider the relations between the theoretical and practical knowledge, which is essential in the university environment. Although currently online form of teaching and learning is becoming increasingly popular, teacher still plays a significant role in the teaching process. Content teachers must show not only deep knowledge in the relevant discipline, but also have a command of didactic principles, methods and specifics of pedagogical research. Content teachers as those responsible for the didactic process must be able to pass their knowledge to the students but also decide on the appropriate form for concrete groups and individual students with regard to their specificities. They must be able to carry out learners´ needs analysis, create and adapt the didactic material to the needs of the learners, and master the principles of social communication. This didactic module thus provides the material that could be used for CLIL teachers, both language and technical subjects teachers.