Final Conference

The final conference of the project took place on 25 June 2019 at the premises of the Institute of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice .

The aim of the conference was to present the project results in their final form and thus receive final feedback from experts from different disciplines and institutions before the results were made available to all target groups on the project website.

The form of the final conference, its agenda, objectives, date and place as well as the participants invited were agreed in previous meetings in the project team. In addition to the course of the project and the presentation of all final results in their current form, the conference also dealt with topics related to the project objective, namely the promotion of foreign language skills at technical universities and the linking of theoretical instruction with practice.

Leading experts in the field of the CLIL method and its implementation in the Czech and Austrian university environment were invited as speakers. Mgr.Trumpešová-Rudolfová and Mgr. Šindelářová Skupeňová from Masaryk University in Brno, PaedDr. Lubica Vareckova, Ph.D. and Mgr. Věra Sládková from the Institute of Technology and Economics in České Budějovice and representatives of a strategic partner, Mgr. E. Kováčiková, Ph.D. and Mgr. K. Palenikova, Ph.D. from PF UKF in Nitra presented the most important topics during the conference.

The conference programme was compiled not only according to the specifications of the project proposal, but also according to the number and composition of the conference topics. The event was attended by the Austrian and Czech project teams as well as representatives of various SMEs active in the border region. The audience also included practitioners, the team involved in the preparation of the modules, teachers from technical and linguistic disciplines and secondary technical schools.

The conference was divided into two parts. In the first part, prepared materials from the CLIL project were presented in a practical demonstration. The technical dictionary and the individual modules were presented. The participants had the opportunity to give their feedback on the presentation and implementation of the project outputs and to suggest and discuss further possible uses. The second part of the conference was followed by the presentations of the invited guests, who also dealt with the practical implementation of the CLIL method. The results of the conference were used for the final modification of the modules and the specification of their use. The feedback on the finished materials was also analysed and implemented accordingly. The conference also included numerous discussions between the participants. This also enabled the team and the participants to make new contacts for further cooperation. Furthermore, valuable insights for the implementation of the results of the CLIL project could be gathered.