Pilot Project

As part of the three-year Interreg project CLIL (Content and Language-Integrated Learning), which aims to prepare interactive teaching/learning material in German, English and Czech for the fields of informatics, logistics, civil engineering and mechanical engineering, a pilot project was carried out to test and evaluate the modules and materials developed in the project.

In the course of this two study visits were realized:

  • The first pilot project week took place from 01.04.2019 – 12.04.2019 at the VSTE in České Budějovice and was divided into a presence and online test phase. 9 persons from UAS Upper Austria and 16 persons from VSTE České Budějovice took part. The participating students, teachers and experts came from the fields of logistics, informatics, e-learning, didactics and pedagogy as well as higher education research.
  • The second pilot project week took place from 13.05.2019 – 17.05.2019 at the UAS Upper Austria, Campus Steyr. 10 persons of the UAS Upper Austria and 11 persons of the VSTE České Budějovice took part. Also in this pilot week participants from the fields of logistics, informatics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, didactics and higher education research were represented.

The modules and e-learning materials could be viewed and evaluated from different perspectives due to extensive expertise and the different disciplines of the participants. This brought a great added value for the project, as the opinions of students and teachers as well as those of experts could be obtained.

The pilot project aimed at the exchange and cooperation of students, teachers and experts from both partner universities. In the course of the pilot project, two joint stays and teaching/learning weeks were realised in Austria and the Czech Republic. Selected students and teachers from the fields of logistics, informatics, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, didactics, e-learning and higher education research were addressed, who tested and evaluated the selected quizlet modules and e-learning materials in the course of the project. The project was oriented towards the practical implementation of the project output. The participants were also able to participate in subject-specific seminars, excursions and events. Lectures and courses were held in Czech, German and/or English.

Since the CLIL project mainly deals with the preparation of e-learning modules and online materials, the first pilot project week took place largely online. The aim was to find out whether the modules are understood by the students and teachers in self-study and whether the presentation of the contents is suitable for the respective lectures.

The second week of the pilot project was partly embedded in the format of the Cross-Cultural Business Conference in Steyr in order to do justice to the dissemination of the project on the one hand and to receive as much input as possible from experts on the oth-er hand. This also gave the participants the opportunity to take part in various excursions (e.g.: BMW-Werke Steyr), events (e.g.: International Fair) and the conference itself. All participants were thus able to exchange ideas with lecturers and students from all four addressed disciplines and also gain (inter)cultural insights into other cultures and disciplines.


Pilot Project Report