Within the framework of the three-year Interreg project CLIL (Content and Language-Integrated Learning) which seeks to prepare interactive teaching/learning material in German, English and Czech for the fields of informatics, logistics, civil engineering and mechanical engineering, two international workshops were organized.

1st International Workshop – CLIL

The first international workshop for the CLIL project took place 14.-15. September 2017 in the Clarion hotel in České Budějovice, the Czech Republic. From many aspects, this was an important event for the development of the whole project.

First of all, new Czech project team was introduced there.  The original Czech project team (doc. PhDr. Lenka Hrušková, Ph.D. and Mgr. Jana Krátká, Ph.D.) was replaced by PhDr. Jan Gregor, Ph.D. in the position of main project manager and Mgr. Libuše Turinská in the position of project assistant.


A total of 25 persons participated in this event: Czech and Austrian project teams, lecturers from the universities (Masaryk University in Brno, Palacký University in Olomouc, Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice, University of South Bohemia in České Budějovice, University of Applied Sciences in Austria), as well as guests from educational institutions, small and medium-sized enterprises, creators of modules and guarantors, linguistic and didactic experts.

At a 2-day workshop, interesting lectures and presentations were given by experts in the fields of CLIL, multimedia learning, teaching and learning, and e-learning.The presentations and lectures were followed by discussions on the presented topics, and the findings were used for creating and modifying the modules created within the CLIL project.

2nd International Workshop – CLIL

The second international workshop was held on 21. June at the University of Applied Sciences, Campus Hagenberg.

A total of 34 people participated in this event and listened to interesting presentations and lectures on CLIL, English-Medium Instruction, multimedia learning and visualization. The Campus Hagenberg welcomed the Czech delegation from the VSTE (Institute of Technology and Business) in Budweis as well as three renowned researchers of the University of Vienna, Ute Smit, Mag.a Christiane Dalton-Puffer and Mag.a Helen Heaney, BA.

Besides the interesting presentations on CLIL and English-Medium Instruction, FH Mag.a Tanja Jadin, e-learning expert and professor of the degree programme communication and knowledge media at the Campus Hagenberg, gave insights into the field of multimedia learning, including various e-learning methods and gamification. Furthermore, results of an intercultural study project in the field of e-learning were presented by two Master students of Hagenberg Campus. Thereby, valuable advice as to the usage of learning programmes and language learning apps was given.

Further presentations in the field of visualization and interactive envi-ronment demonstrated the im-portance of graphical and textual presentations of data, facts and figures.

The aim of the workshop was an intercultural and interdisciplinary exchange between Czech and Aus-trian teachers, researchers, and students to gain insights into and further information on CLIL and innovative e-learning formats.

Consequently, this workshop re-sulted in added value for all team members. Together, ideas could be generated, which will flow into the project in terms of the creation and preparation of innovative e-learning materials and modules.