About the project

The “CLIL” project is financed with the support of the European Commission, the European Regional Development Fund (EFRE) and the Federal State of Upper Austria  under the programme INTERREG V-A Austria-Czech Republic 2014-2020.

In the course of the project, foreign language skills for technical students are to be developed. The focus here is on the implementation of the CLIL method as a teaching/learning strategy. This is intended to strengthen multilingualism in German, Czech and English at universities of applied sciences and universities with technical courses of study in the fields of mechanical engineering, civil engineering, logistics and information technology. The integration of foreign language elements into teaching is intended to strengthen students’ linguistic and intercultural competence. The aim is to prepare future graduates as well as possible for cross-border work in local companies.

Aim of the project

The aim of this EU project is to investigate how the learning of foreign languages can be integrated into technical courses and which didactic designs are best suited to generate foreign language added value for graduates of FH OÖ and VSTE České Budějovice. A further goal is to integrate the local economy in the Austrian-Czech border region and to offer digital index cards for core terminology in technical disciplines using the web-based learning tool Quizlet.

In order to achieve these goals, multilingual e-learning modules in German, Czech and English will be developed for the four technical disciplines of information technology, logistics, civil engineering and mechanical engineering. In addition to specialist knowledge, the aim is also to impart cross-sectional skills that are indispensable for today’s working world.

With the involvement of experts from regional communities, the current needs of the local economy in the Austrian-Czech border region will be determined. This knowledge will help to improve higher education, adapt existing curricula to a wider range of skills and improve the employability of graduates in the region. This can contribute to a positive development of employability and counteract the lack of technically trained specialists with suitable foreign language skills in this border region.

Results of the project

Based on the needs analysis of the local market, appropriate e-learning materials for the disciplines of information technology, logistics, mechanical engineering and construction are enriched in foreign languages (German, Czech, English). In addition, terminological lists are created in the respective languages. These lists are to serve both as support for teachers and learners and as an aid for the Austrian-Czech economic area. In addition, the project will publish reference books and publications which will be used in teaching and practice.